Nashville Exhibitor Schedule

Some of the Exhibitor activities require sign-up for the activity. If the activity has a number next to it, that number represents the number of people who can sign up for an activity.  

Click on one of the links below to be taken to a signup page for the activity. Use your email address that you used to register for you exhibitor tickets to sign up for the activity. If you used the email to register for multiple exhibitors, the system will allow you to sign up to the number of exhibitors that you registered.

Architecture Challenge (12 Spots)

Are you ready to take your building skills to the next level? Join us for our White Brick Challenge, where we’re calling on all builders to create the most imaginative sculpture or building using only white bricks!

Opening Ceremony (open)

Create what ever you want in our build zones. Thousands of pieces to make almost anything.

Speed Build (8 Spots)

Race against others and show you are the quickest builder! Challenge yourself to assemble the set swiftly and accurately, following the provided instructions. Are you up for the challenge? Compete to see if you can claim the title of the fastest builder. Ready, set, go!

Board Games (open)

Build your own design from thousands of pieces. Display your design on the art wall when you are finished.

Yard Sale (10 Spots)

We will have 10 tables available for selling your LEGO stuff. Connect with fellow exhibitors and sell your sets, minifigures, parts, or anything LEGO-related for sale..

Exhibitor Dinner and Awards (open)

Join us for a complimentary buffet dinner on Saturday evening! Be part of the excitement as we announce awards and distribute prizes at the event. Don’t forget to bring your raffle tickets for a chance to win! See you there!

Location: Dinner Hall

Parts Draft 1 (10 spots)

We take 3 sets #10329 and break them down by part. We will have 10 draftees for the event. This is a buy-in event. The price is $15 per buy-in for the event. Payment can be made at the activity.   

Location: Geared Up STEM Zone

Magic Show (open)

Prepare to be amazed by Magician Mike Edwards as he presents a captivating 30-minute preview magic show for the exhibitors. No sign-up required; simply join us for an evening filled with wonder and enchantment. Mike will delight us with a selection of LEGO-themed tricks that are sure to leave you spellbound!

Location: Main Stage

Mosaic Build (12 spots)

Come join us at the Mosaic wall. Come see if you can build the best 16×16 mosaic in this timed event.

Location: Mosaic Zone

LEGO Trivia (open)

Do you think you know about LEGO? Come test your knowledge with us. Tim Croll from LEGO Masters season2 will be hosting LEGO trivia following the award dinner.

Location: Dinner Hall

Night of Lights (open)

Experience the magic at Night of Lights! Following the award dinner in the expo hall, we dim the lights to showcase illuminated MOCs. Join us for a captivating display! It time for your MOCs to shine.

Location: Exhibit Hall.

* Attractions are subject to change

Honest Reviews

”Our kids loved the show. There was something for everyone to see and do. My kids can not wait till next year to display their Lego creations”


”It was a good show. Lots of displays. My grandson really enjoyed it. Had some older Legos that I remember. Worth the price”